Flying with no momentum

Thought experiment: Airplane

A plane will still be affected by turbulence (from thunderstorms, wind, bombs, whatever), but won’t be torn apart because the differential aerodynamic forces on this wing vs the fuselage or the other wing, causing unbalanced torque/force no longer occur. Since its all null-momentum, these are instantly re-balanced, the plane instantly changes to whatever would be the steady state attitude for the instantaneous air conditions. Continue reading Flying with no momentum

Thought experiment: Running

Would null-momentum much difference for long distance running?

It might make a difference for sprinting (e.g. 100 metres) where acceleration is critical, but what about a marathon, where acceleration per se is not such an issue, more sustained speed. Less energy would be lost to bounce each step, hence more (personal) energy available to sustain a speed, so perhaps faster overall? Continue reading Thought experiment: Running

Momentum: A speculative novel, and follow ons