Is Reality Biting?

Startled Cow

I often joke that I have the support of carpark fairies. I ALWAYS get a park were I need it. Indeed, I couldn’t tell you the number of times I have gone somewhere new, and decided to just park somewhere, and work it from there… only to find I am parked right outside the place I needed to be.
But something just happened, that has left me seriously sitting here thinking “What.. I mean .. what?”

In Momentum I made up some pseudo-scientific sounding stuff (and I emphasize: I MADE IT UP) that sounded sufficiently “science-y” about solving the wave state in 4+4 dimensions, where the first 4 were the usual space+time and the other 4 were electromagnetism dimensions. Then “somehow” these extra dimensions could be interpreted as momentum or energy, and the solution popped out null momentum and all sorts of interesting stuff.
Remember: I made that stuff up, but since I am sort of quantum physicist (it was a long time ago), I made it plausible sounding.

Bear with me.

OK, one of my sidelines to pay the bills until I become an outrageously famous (and rich) author is editing scientific papers before they are submitted to journals for publication (or often enough AFTER they were submitted and the journal editor sent it back with a politely worded note to the effect “we can’t understand what on earth you are saying, please get this rubbish tidied up before re-submitting”).

So I get to read some terrible stuff, but also some ground-breaking stuff that I recognize in news reports often years later.

I just edited a paper that will be published soon (I hope) in “a reputable physics journal” (I have to be careful here, these papers are confidential until published in the journal). Lead author is professor of physics at reputable university, i.e., NOT some crackpot.

Anyway… They presented a new interpretation of an old theory, and part of this new interpretation

“solves the wave state in 4+4 dimensions, where the first 4 are space-time, and the other 4 are momentum and energy”

(paraphrasing only very slightly: honestly, this is the nub of it).

That is real science!
I mean, …WHAT?
Did I already say I MADE THAT STUFF UP?
Damn! Carpark fairies must have been taking extra science courses!

(I will follow progress, and post the journal, and other paper details once it is published.)

One thought on “Is Reality Biting?”

  1. Robert – yes, of course when I was reviewing it I knew it was a STORY, but what I wasn’t sure about was whether the Science-ey stuff was supposed to be close to Reality or not. But it would help if you could introduce me to your car-park-fairy friends. That would REALLY have helped when I was living in Brooklyn!

    \o/ /_\


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