MOMENTUM 2nd Edition is out now!!

Yes, just in time for Christmas, the new edition is available right now!

Its better, stronger, faster, able to leap taller buildings with less of a run-up and not be left panting so hard afterwards!

And its an even BETTER read! (I know, hard to believe, right). Basically because, like everything, practise is the only way to get better.

Free E-Book

I am going to give away 50 free e-books!! First in best read (for free).

All I want is a review: short, long, as detailed or concise as you like. No strings, say what you want. Of course, I hope it will be positive, but I really want to know what you think.

Simple to apply:

  1. Click on the link above or below.
  2. The email is auto-generated, just add your name at the end, if you want to.
  3. Click send

That’s it.

I will send you a copy of the (full and complete) e-book by return mail.

When you are ready, simply “reply” to the email containing the e-book to let me know what you think!

I absolutely promise that any personal details (email, name, etc.) are going to remain private between you and I!

Link: mailto:Robert

Places to purchase

I completely understand if you’d prefer to just get into reading the book! And if you are like me, the e-book is great… but the paper version is somehow still nicer somehow.

Luckily both are available, as noted below. They accept all the usual payment methods, of course.

Just click on the headers to link directly, or you can cut-and-paste the URL shown.

The new version can also be ordered by your local bookstore, just tell them the Barnes&Noble site details (or print the page for them). Delivery times for that option are probably much the same as ordering yourself, depending on how efficient your local store is.


I recommend Booklocker, they provide a fantastic service to new authors, and also a very quick and painless order to delivery for readers.

They will print a new copy and have it to your door very quickly, OR you can download the e-book immediately, and be reading in minutes.


Barnes & Noble

The new version is up on their site already, and can be ordered directly in both formats.



There is some lingering issues with Amazon, I am still clearing up, but  the existing link will work to order the new version, even though it SHOWS the original version.


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