Momentum: Edition 2

Momentum 2nd edition is just days away!!

Momentum is the first novel I wrote, and I was pretty staggered at just how much blinking work is involved! Not that I wouldn’t have done it had I known, but there is really a LOT of details to sort out.

The writing is still very much the lion’s share, of course. But somehow I thought: right done that, now a miracle occurs and everything would be sorted: the cover, the publishing, and of course: the readers.

Not as such. Sadly. 

So I struggled through, cudgeling my poor brain into publisher-think, when it barely manages Author most days (and if the coffee ran out, it would struggle with awake).

In that regard: OMG, I am so thankful to Booklocker (see the links). Without their advice, help, and especially the advice to authors help-sheets that Angela supplies, I would still be struggling through (or given up).

Anyway, having got Momentum completed, now I had a head of steam, some … wait for it …  momentum! (yeah, I know… sorry, you get really bad at those sorts of puns when your book has that name!  🙂  ).
So I started on the next one: Energy. This takes off on the day after Momentum, and leads on, tying up some of the threads, extends others, makes lots of new and interesting ones…

And of course, it also pointed out a few glaring (in retrospect) “issues” with Momentum. Mostly, just one particular section that fits so much better as the leader to Energy, rather than another chapter in Momentum.
After thinking about it a great deal, I decided  to fix Momentum, issue a 2nd Edition.
I took the opportunity to re-edit, knocked a bump or two off here and there, corrected a couple of typos (sigh).  Its hardly changed, and yet those few bits have made the book an even better read (‘cos *I* kept seeing the darn typo’s  🙂  ).

Well, I just submitted the final copy (Momentum Edition 2) for publication, now await the paper collation and electronic version, ready for release! A few days, maybe a week…

I will have some cool offers to entice you to read the new and improved version,  (watch this space), and would really LOVE to get feedback to the new edition, so might ask a few of you to be so kind…


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