Flying with no momentum

Thought experiment: Airplane

A plane will still be affected by turbulence (from thunderstorms, wind, bombs, whatever), but won’t be torn apart because the differential aerodynamic forces on this wing vs the fuselage or the other wing, causing unbalanced torque/force no longer occur. Since its all null-momentum, these are instantly re-balanced, the plane instantly changes to whatever would be the steady state attitude for the instantaneous air conditions.

Wings, etc. immediately move, and again balance buoyancy/aerodynamics against gravity at the new attitude.

How would this feel inside the airplane? Would a passenger even notice? Imagine a passenger plane, and (as usual) its coffee time when turbulence strikes. Would the coffee still spill, sitting on the tray table? Would it even ripple?

What would it look like pouring the coffee? Still apparently perpendicular to the floor, or would it now look off-angle?

Ground rules:

Suppose, as in “MOMENTUM”, that a miracle occurs (AMO) and out of thin blue air you now have a small device that removes momentum for the object it’s attached to.

Set aside for the moment (groan!) potential non-conservation of energy. Upcoming blog on that, I will put blog number here when its published.

Some (arbitrary) limitations:

  • only the object itself (defined somehow);
  • an “encompassing” effect, so a bucket of water nulled includes the water IN the bucket; a car includes the air inside, the engine parts, etc.;
  • the effect ONLY breaks whatever the link is that requires conservation of momentum, all other physical attributes remain and all other forces, etc. remain (e.g. gravity).

See other blogs (and comments) for other possible limitations and/or physical laws/issues.

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